For more than 6,000 years, the Chinese have used Ginseng to boost their energy, reduce stress, improve memory and cognitive function, enhance libido, lower cholesterol, eliminate toxins, and even prevent infection.

Ginseng is extracted from the root of the Ginseng plant and is classified as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are botanical compounds that are believed to help restore balance and normalcy to the body's systems - including the nervous and immune systems.

While Ginseng has traditionally been brewed and consumed as a tea, Ginseng UP, a lightly carbonated beverage, gives today's consumers a convenient, refreshing, all-natural way to reap the potential benefits of Ginseng. Each flavor is specially formulated with natural ingredients, some containing little or no added cane sugar.

Ginseng UP was founded in 1981 and is formulated and bottled in Worcester, Massachusetts. You'll find Ginseng UP in natural grocery, health food and supermarkets. If it's not available near you, ask your grocer to order some today!